Consumer Trusted

Lamb & Hayward are proud to be an independently owned Canterbury funeral company maintaining the reputation for leading service standards within the funeral profession. We are working with Consumer NZ to lift the industry standards in consumer protection and price transparency. We aspire to a level of excellence that is unmatched, providing our client families with a genuinely caring experience that includes trustworthiness in all aspects of our service.


A New Zealand First – Consumer Trusted accreditation for Lamb and Hayward

After meeting strict requirements, we are delighted to be the first funeral home to have achieved a Consumer NZ Trusted accreditation.

“During our assessment, it was clear Lamb & Hayward provided a positive experience for its customers. This is especially important during the funeral

process, as families are dealing with high emotions and grief.”


“Our Consumer Trusted accreditation is purposely difficult to achieve. We only award businesses that consistently deliver a quality service for consumers,

going beyond what the law demands.”

Consumer NZ General Manager – Business, Derek Bonnar.


In 2015, Consumer NZ developed its Trusted programme to recognise businesses that met the consumer watchdog’s strict code of conduct. This code ensures accredited businesses provide exceptional customer service and exceed the requirements of the Fair Trading Act, Consumer Guarantees Act and other consumer-related laws.


“We carry out detailed mystery shopping as part of our assessment. This includes how staff treat customers and what information customers are given about their rights if something goes wrong.” said Mr Bonnar.


“As a proudly Canterbury-owned business which has been engaged in the community for nearly 100 years, our company foundations are firmly set in reliability and trustworthiness. Our intention is to continue to provide leadership within our profession so that our client families not only receive excellent care, but are guaranteed price transparency and consumer protection.”

Lamb & Hayward Group, Chief Executive Stephen Parkyn