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Eco funerals responds to the growing awareness of our impact on the environment, including the way we leave this world. Some people want to personalise their funerals while considering how their choices affect the environment. We can explain the eco-friendly funeral options available to you, and help you to make well-informed choices.

Eco funerals recognises that our own funeral marks the end of our call on the earth’s resources and, just as in life, involves a number of choices that can impact, to a greater or lesser degree, on the environment. These choices include whether or not to embalm, the type of casket to use, and burial or cremation.

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“The option of using an eco-coffin was critical to the success of the funeral since that was an explicit wish of my sister’s. Thank you for taking the time to explain the different choices available. The option of using a sustainably grown wooden casket was exactly what my sister would have wanted.”