What Our Families Say

98% of client families would recommend Lamb & Hayward to others.

How do we know that?

Simple, for over ten years we’ve been asking.

And now with thousands of completed customer surveys, we have a pretty good idea of how our client families rate their recent Lamb & Hayward funeral experience.  So here is what people are actually saying about us.  The results speak for themselves.

Would You Recommend Lamb & Hayward to Others?

That’s the big question and a whopping 98% of our client families have nothing but praise for Lamb & Hayward’s service, and would recommend us to others.


Professionalism & Sensitivity

When something as emotive as death happens, it’s easy to lose your balance.  Sadly decisions may need to be made at short notice, and it can be difficult to focus.  We focus on how well we care for you at this time, so how did the team rate for gentle and compassionate guidance?


Courtesy of Staff

Families often comment on the exceptional way in which they were treated during their experience with Lamb & Hayward.  Our philosophy is that “People don’t care what we know, until they know that we care”.  You may meet a number of team members throughout the funeral experience, and our guarantee to you is that every one of those people will be trying to look after you to the best of their ability.


Payment Policy Clearly Explained

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to finances.  Our policy is to support families in the planning stages so that they make decisions that work within their budget.  We clearly explain our billing process and provide a transparent and accurate estimate of the final costs.  No unexpected items when the account arrives.


Preparation and Appearance of Viewing

Here in New Zealand we have a strong culture of viewing our loved ones before the funeral. This can provide comfort and help with the grieving process. Our experienced mortuary team take pride in preparing and presenting your loved one, so that the viewing is a safe and positive experience. Those final memories last forever, and can be very uplifting.


Condition of Venue

What makes a great venue fantastic?  It’s not just the location or size; it is the small things that make the difference, temperature, cleanliness, decor, ample parking and quality outdoor areas.  Together creating that all important thing… ambiance.  We have a choice of venues, each one with its own unique characteristics that generate an atmosphere of calmness and serenity.


Catering Services Provided

The after funeral event is an equally important time; the sharing of good food, a great coffee or a nice cup of tea. Sometimes this is when the best stories are remembered. We offer an affordable and flexible menu that is delicious, well presented and caters to specific dietary requirements and requests.


Initial Contact

First contact is most likely to be by phone and often this is outside of normal office hours.  This initial phone call can be emotional and distressing.  Rest assured that at Lamb & Hayward any call 24/7 will be answered by an experienced caring staff member and not by some random call centre.


Overall Impression of the Funeral

It’s how you feel when you think back on the funeral experience. The end result is what matters, the outcome of the varied and diverse components that add up to a celebration recognising that life is important. One that is not just memorable but outstanding.

The ratings above reflect those client families who have rated our service as Excellent or Good.


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