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How much does a funeral cost?

For information on funeral costs, please visit our Price Guide page.

When will I receive the death certificate?

The death certificate is registered online on the day following the cremation or burial and lodged with Births, Deaths and Marriages. It then takes 5-10 working days to be prepared and is posted direct to the Next of Kin as stated on the arrangement form.

When will we receive the ashes?

One of our funeral directors will contact you once the ashes are ready to be collected.  The ashes may be available two days following the cremation.

What is a death notice?

A death notice is a short message printed in the Christchurch Press on the funeral page.

Typically, a death notice states the full name, date of death, family details, and general service details of the deceased.  Your funeral director will assist you to write the death notice.

What happens to artificial joints?

All artificial joints are recycled and the proceeds are donated to The Canterbury Charitable Hospital, Burnside

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