Before The Funeral

Clothing and Dressing

Before you spend time with the person who has died, we will ask you to bring in the clothing you would like them to be dressed in. When deciding on the clothing to be worn, remember to include all undergarments. You may also wish to consider providing a recent photograph to assist our team with hairstyling and makeup.  Other personal items to consider could be lipstick, cologne, perfume, jewellry, a scarf or reading glasses.

We will normally dress the person and place them in the casket. On some occasions, in accordance with cultural considerations or personal wishes, the family may choose to either dress the person who has died or assist us in this process.

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“The sensitivity you showed us, asking if we would like to dress Mum, this was a very helpful experience for us. Mum looked so wonderful, and the time we had with her to say goodbye is something we will always remember.”