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Westpark Chapel

I'm shocked and saddened by this devastating news. So many things happen in life that don't make sense. We lost a special person far too soon. Asher is gone but not forgotten. I will always remember his smile, how he told me he wanted to be a doctor and a bright future awaited. Asher was an amazing person, and he lives on through you. No amount of words can express the pain that the families are going through. I am sending you love and hope you are able to find strength during this dark time. Mack

Posted by Mack on January 8, 2023

Hi Dewe family I was just having a catch-up phone call with Linda and she told me of the devastating news of Asher's passing. I am a Christian and I still cannot fathom how some families/people just keep getting awful things happening to them; while other families/people seemingly just cruise through life. I've always said 'When I get to Heaven that's going to be the first thing I ask - why...?' But then I figure when you get there it will be an 'oooh' moment and it will all become clear. All I know is that understanding can't possibility come this side of Heaven, it's just too hard. No words I say here are going to bring any relief from the grief you are feeling. When I lost my close friend a couple of years ago I came across this "Grief is love with nowhere to go". I couldn't have put it better. That is exactly what it is. You've had more than your share of it too. I pray in the coming moments, days, weeks, months years that you are comforted in some small way by the memories you have of Asher. Mum & Dad have asked me to pass on their deepest condolences too. We feel so deeply saddened for you all. Take care of one another. Much love from our family to yours... Wendy and Lesley & Dave Turner xxxx

Posted by Wendy Turner and Lesley & Dave Turner on January 1, 2023