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Alan John CANDY

Westpark Chapel

I had the pleasure of managing and working with Al for two years at Spark. I was always impressed with his people leadership and customer focus, coupled with his depth of knowledge for Spark's processes and data provisioning technical requirements. He would never ask his team to do something that he wouldn't do himself, always leading from the front in that respect and also took on larger leadership roles by default during the Christchurch earthquake events. If something needed ownership, Al would be taking charge of it because it needed to be done... and was known across Spark as the go to and fix it guy. As well as our professional relationship we had a great personal relationship and I'm proud to call Al my friend. I always enjoyed catching up for a beer and later ciders, hearing updates about his family (who he was extremely proud of), his cars and exchanging stories of hi-jinks from younger years. You will be sorely missed by everyone Al, hope you can now rest in peace.

Posted by Kirk Hussey on April 18, 2024