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Margaret Emilie NELSON

Wai-mana Chapel

Margaret Nelson Warmest thoughts and arohanui to Barry, Mark, Kate, Phil, Pep, Kathy, Simon, Will, Tom, Jay, Maia, Jimi and all their partners, children, mokopuna, whanau and friends. I spent many happy days and nights at Brenchley Ave. The house was full of love, warmth, kindness, music, laughter, humour, creativity, adventure, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, truth and beauty. Margaret and Barry were the near-perfect parents that we all wanted and loved to share. I remember Margaret playing the piano with panache and poise and teaching with kindness and encouragement. I remember skating at Lake Ida with the Nelsons, Margaret graceful and caring, delicious home-crafted picnic food and baking at the ready by the smoking Thermette. I equated Margaret with Queen, probably because of Gypsy the corgi but also Margaret’s smiling, noble, regal manner and the no-nonsense command of all around her. I remember waking one night in Phil’s room to the sound of giggling, squealing and splashing: Margaret and Barry on a moonlit, midnight skinny dip. A formative revelation for a ten-year-old and wonderous to see Phil’s “folks”, all of 40 at the time, frolicking and living and loving life to the full. I remember hard-fought but good- humoured Monopoly and “Happy Families.” I remember Susu, the Pekinese whose eyes kept popping out. I I remember being told off by Margaret. We deserved it. We’d done something very naughty, and she was very scary. Firm but fair. Right but kind. It is telling that Kathy, Mark and Phil, and their partners, all work in fields where they look after people with warmth, encouragement and manaakitanga and lead their learning. Margaret and Barry raised terrific children. Margaret’s wairua and all her special qualities live on in all her family and all who knew her. When Phil and I were messaging earlier this week, he wrote: "I'm lucky to have such a great family" Margaret, Barry, Phil, Pep, Maia, Jimi. Mark, Kate, Will, Tom, Jay, Kathy, Simon and all the children and grandchildren: You are SUCH a great family. Kia pai. Kia kaha. Arohanui Peter Ward

Posted by Peter Ward on July 11, 2023